The Muse Ethereal

A collection of ambient atmospheric songs composed of guitars, synthesizers, bass, keyboards and sounds of nature

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Chemistry (3 recordings)

Chemistry was released to, Sirius XM and numerous other stations. It still receives airplay.

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Other Chemistry Factoids

Debut Chemistry CD Released 2000
7 Months on NAV Top 100 Chart
Peaked at #13 (two months)
"Eastern Influence" #1 on Soundscapes (still in rotation)
"Wings of Sound" CD Released 2004
"Wings" still in rotation on Sirius XM SPA
"Heart of the Sun" released 2007

Progressive Elements

Progressive instrumental rock recorded way back in 1992

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The Flying Unicorns

The Flying Unicorns is an independent rock recording project. I wrote numerous instrumental songs and lyrics for the recording and have contributed parts by musicians such as drummer Franky Constanza, guitarists Alex Havrilla and Scotty Migone, and bassist Dean Robaina. This is a work in progress. Check it out on

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Methods of Mayhem

I submitted guitar parts to Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem Public Disservice Announcement project which was dreamed up by Scott Humphrey. One of my parts appears on the song "Louder" on this recording and I'm listed in the liner notes as a contributer.

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I had the pleasure of working for several years (technology) to help Jammit Founder Scott Humphrey Develop "Jammit"

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